Monday, July 13, 2009

Cinde's Gluten Free Spotlight - Snikkidy Snacks

When I find a great gluten free product I just have to share! Be on the look out for upcoming Cinde's Gluten Free Spotlight posts to get the scoop on my gluten free favorites!

Today Cinde's Gluten Free Spotlight is shining on:

Snikkidy Snacks Cheese Puffs

I first discovered Snikiddy Snacks Cheese Puffs when they were introduced on the Rachael Ray show. I was intrigued with the idea of a healthy gluten free cheese puff. My family loves cheese puffs. The leading brand is gluten free, but I don't consider them the best snack choice. The residual fluorescent orange fingers always leave me with the creepy feeling that they simply can't be good for us. I also rejected the leading brand of cheese puff after finding out that they are not vegetarian (the cheese used in them contains animal rennet). I have tried a few cheese puff imitators from the health food stores and Trader Joe's but they didn't have the flavor or texture we were looking for; my kids wouldn't touch them. Snikiddy Snacks Cheese Puffs promised a great tasting gluten free vegetarian cheese puff that was family-friendly and made from wholesome and real ingredients. With tempting flavors like Grilled Cheese, Mac n' Cheese, Pizza, and Nacho Cheese I thought it was worth a try to do a taste test with my super-finicky family. Here are my children's real un-edited comments upon tasting Snikkidy Snacks Cheese Puffs for the first time...

Child #1:
"These are really fluffy and I don't know how they make them." "These are great!" "Can I take these to school as snacks?" "I think we should buy these every day, I want to marry these and eat them for the rest of my life, they are so good."

Child #2:
"These taste exactly like Cheetos." "Ummm, these are good!" "If you put these in a row and let someone who wasn't gluten free taste them they would think they were regular Cheetos."

Child # 3:
"They don't get your fingers all messy like Cheetos but they still taste cheesy." "I love them!" "I think we should always get these, I would rather have these than Cheetos!"

I have to agree with my family (with the exception of wanting to marry the cheese puffs like my youngest child). I thought they were the closest thing to a traditional cheese puff that I have found that is healthy, vegetarian, gluten free, and deliciously munch-able.

Snikiddy Snacks Cheese Puffs are available in family size or individual size multi pack bags. They are currently available at Toys "R" Us stores, natural and conventional grocery stores including Whole Foods Market, and online through and Click here if you would like a printable coupon to use for your next Snikiddy Snacks Cheese Puffs purchase!


  1. Love the comments by your family. I think I purchased those one time at Manna Mills....My daughter loved them!

  2. Thanks Jen! They are really yummy. :)


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