Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cinde's Gluten Free Spotlight - Majans Bhuja

Today Cinde's Gluten Free Spotlight is shining on:


I have a thing for East Indian food. I could eat it every single day if given the chance. When I first tasted Majans Bhuja snacks I was thrilled that I actually could have a taste of India each day in the form of a crunchy delicious snack. You may be wondering "What is Bhuja?". Bhuja is an Indian family favorite snack. The recipe for Bhuja mixes and spices goes back many generations. It is said that that each household has it's own Bhuja recipe. Majans is the company in Australia that was first to manufacture Bhuja commercially and make it available nationwide. Majans Bhuja comes in four phenomenally good flavors: Original Mix, Cracker Mix, Fruit Mix, and Nut Mix. I have tried them all and I think they are equally tasty. Majans Bhuja is a very yin and yang (perfectly balanced) snack. It is crunchy from gluten free noodles, crackers, nuts, and dried peas yet soft from dried fruits. It is spicy from a blend of Indian spices such as cumin, coriander, chilies, turmeric and paprika, yet sweet from raisins and other dried fruits. This unbeatable blend of crunchy-soft-sweet-spicy ingredients truly sets it apart from any other snack food I have ever had. Because it is so satisfying you will find yourself eating less of it that other snack foods. If you did eat a lot in one sitting you wouldn't need to worry because Bhuja is gluten free, 100% natural, a good source of protein, cholesterol free, and has a low glycemic index. To find a store near you that carries Majans Bhuja visit .

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