Monday, August 3, 2009

Cinde's Gluten Free Spotlight - Zeer Select: Online Consumer Gluten Free Grocery Information Resource

Flashback to 2007: My daughter has been newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I am clueless as to what foods are safe to buy. Children's Hospital provides me with a humongous 3 ring binder full of ingredients and product listings. I drag this massive book with me every time I go to the grocery store, attempting to look up the status of each product we buy amidst hundreds of pages of information. Shopping now takes 3 hours! I grow to despise shopping.

Return to 2009: I no longer need the "big book" to shop! I have memorized the status of many ingredients and foods. Shopping only takes an hour (hooray!). Once in a while there is still a product that I am uncertain about. I do not buy it. If I remember the name of the product in question I do an internet search to attempt to find company contact information when I get home. I contact the company in regards to the gluten free status of the product. Many such e-mails have gone unanswered. Other companies reply but won't directly answer my question (thanks a lot!). Sometimes I am lucky and get a straight forward reply within a few days. Phone calls to most companies leave me hanging on hold for ages. So much of my time has been wasted!

I wish Zeer Select (an online gluten free grocery information resource) was around in 2007 when our family first went gluten free! I could have ditched the "big book" and instantly found the gluten free status of over 30,000 products in Zeer Select's ever growing database. How stress free my shopping trips would have been if I could have logged on to the Zeer Select website and in seconds found the answers we were seeking. Zeer Select even saves people time by automatically offering a list of safe gluten free alternatives to the products they are researching! Over 500 products are added or updated on the Zeer Select website every week so you are always receiving current information.

Zeer Select's philosophy is smart and simple:


SAVE TIME: Zeer Select saves you time by automatically offering a list of safe gluten free alternatives to the product you are researching.

STAY SAFE: Zeer Select assigns a safety status to every product in their database. You will never need to "guess" if a product is safe for you.

LEARN THE GLUTEN FREE DIET: Labels are read for you! All problem ingredients have detailed descriptions to help you to truly learn how to understand them.

Oh yes... I would have signed up for Zeer Select in a second when I was new to the gluten free diet, and I highly recommend that if you find shopping for gluten free food overwhelming or confusing that you join Zeer Select. The nominal monthly fee is worth the reassurance you will feel and the time you will save. I use Zeer Select when I am curious about a product that I don't have in my home but am interested in purchasing. A quick visit to the Zeer Select site and my questions are instantly answered.

Zeer Select has generously offered my Gluten Free Taste of Home readers a one month FREE membership (offer expires August 31st 2009). This is a great way to check out the many benefits of Zeer Select for yourself. Click here to sign up for your FREE one month trial; you will need this case sensitive code when signing up: GFTaste.

Enjoy Zeer Select... I do!


  1. Cinde, I'm so glad this works so well for you and your family. I will have to look into it. You have really been through a lot with your kiddos!

    Take Care.

  2. It is worth checking out Jen. Thanks for stopping by. :)

    Cinde :)

  3. This is so cool. I've wanted to check this out, but wasn't willing to pay for it. I know, I'm cheap. But now that my exchange student will be here next week...oh my goodness it will be Next Week!...I may be adding a lot more items in our food basket that we don't usually eat. This has come just at the right time. Thank you so much!
    Oh...and she promises to bring the Farmers Bread Recipe...I promise to soon as we translate it in to

  4. Your so cute Wendy! :) I'm glad this came at the right time for you. I can't wait for the Farmer's Bread recipe. Enjoy your visit with your exchange student!



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