Thursday, February 4, 2010

Giveaway & Review: Dual Soaper from Chef'n

Cooking and baking are a HUGE part of my life. I love tools and gadgets that make my kitchen tasks easier. I recently discovered a fantastic line of unique kitchen tools from a company called Chef'n. Kitchen tools from Chef'n are more than functional... they are innovative in both functionality and design.
Choosing what Chef'n product to add to my kitchen first was no easy task, because there are so many intriguing products to choose from. I finally chose the Dual Soaper, and may I just say it was "love at first sight". The Dual Soaper is designed to hold both your dish soap AND your hand soap in the same bottle, but they are dispensed through two different spouts. My husband and I felt that our kitchen counter looked cluttered, with too many bottles of different soap products next to the sink. This is why I chose the Dual Soaper... finally, a way to consolidate the contents of two ugly soap bottles in to one great looking dispenser.

The true test... how does it perform? The Chef'n Dual Soaper passed the performance test with flying colors! It is easy to fill the two separate soap chambers with hand soap and dish soap. To dispense the hand soap you simply press the lever down, and it releases the perfect size drop for hand washing. To dispense the dish soap just tilt the bottle and give it a squeeze, to release as much soap as desired. My husband, kids, and I all agree that the Dual Soaper has made our lives easier, and our counter less cluttered. We love it!

Would you like to have a Chef'n Dual Soaper for your kitchen? You are in luck! I am GIVING AWAY (1) Chef'n Dual Soaper to (1) lucky follower!
Visit my Freebie Fairy website and enter to WIN a Chef'n Dual Soaper! *(Please do not enter here; comments left on this post will not count as contest entries!)

*“I received a Dual Soaper for review purposes on behalf of Chef'n. All opinions are solely my own. Others who use this product may have different opinions.”

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