Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cinde's Gluten Free Spotlight - Gourmet Parmesan Crisps (a Rachael Ray "Snack of the Day"!)

I love, love, LOVE these Gourmet Parmesan Crisps from Kitchen Table Bakers! I mean it when I say that words alone cannot express my desire to eat these crispy, salty, decadent treats. Do you know how cheese sometimes drips down the side of food as it melts and lands on the hot baking sheet? The result is usually a small, salty, crisp, treasure that you can peel off the baking sheet and eat. In my household my husband, daughter, and I all clamor to see who will get to eat the "crispy cheese" first. There is never enough of this rare treat to go around in my house full of cheese-lovers!

Kitchen Table Bakers have solved the never enough "crispy cheese" to go around dilemma for my family, and multitudes of other "crispy cheese" loving individuals across America. Barry Novick, the founder of Kitchen Table Bakers created these phenomenal Gourmet Parmesan Crisps when he was looking for a safe, salty, crunchy and delicious snack to curb his cravings while dieting. The coolest part is that these delicious Gourmet Parmesan Crisps are made completely from cheese. That's right! 100% pure cheese... no flour, starches, or artificial ingredients are added. Because of this, they are naturally gluten free! Even Rachael Ray is a Gourmet Parmesan Crisps fan, and has featured them as the "snack of the day" on her t.v. show. Check out the short video clip (below) to hear what Rachael has to say about these delicious crisps:

I have tried (and enjoyed!) every single flavor of the Gourmet Parmesan Crisps. It is truly difficult for me to choose a favorite because each flavor tastes wonderful, but if I HAD to choose my top three they would be: Sesame, Everything and Aged Parmesan. Oh, wait... I have to add the Flax Seed to that list... they rock! Not to say that I didn't thoroughly enjoy the Jalapeno, Garlic, Italian Herb and Rosemary flavors, because I really did. Well, as I said... I can't choose a favorite!! Try the whole flavor collection for yourself and see if you can choose a favorite!

When I eat Kitchen Table Baker's Gourmet Parmesan Crisps I can hardly believe that they are:

Made from 100% Aged Parmesan Cheese

Low in Carbohydrates <1gm

All Natural - No Preservatives

Sugar - Free

Gluten Free

Wheat Free

Low in Calories (70-80 calories per serving)

Contain No Trans Fats

Rich in Calcium (20%) & Protein (7 gms)

Baked - Not Fried

The Aged Parmesan flavor is also available as "Mini Crisps" in a re-seal-able grab and go pouch. I keep plenty of these on hand to send to school with my children as snacks (my kids LOVE them!), and to eat in the car while running errands.

It's no wonder that Kitchen Table Baker's Gourmet Parmesan Crisps have been reviewed and listed as one of the top choices for healthy gourmet foods by: NY Times, Rachael Ray, MSNBC, Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG), Shape Magazine, and MANY others!

Because Kitchen Table Baker's Gourmet Parmesan Crisps are crossover gourmet/health products with acceptance among dieters, non-dieters, and those with special dietary needs you will find them in various areas with in stores. Look for them in the deli, grocery/natural, cheese, or speciality departments.

Kitchen Table Baker's Gourmet Parmesan Crisps can be found at many fine stores such as: Wegman's Balducci's Whole Foods, Earth Fare, Fox and Obel, Grace's Market, Christina and Valentino's, Woodlands, Bristol Farms, Kroger's, Rice Epicurean Markets, Central Market, HEB Markets, Roche Brother's, and many other high end grocery/deli's, natural health, and speciality stores throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, and Japan.

You can also order Kitchen Table Baker's Gourmet Parmesan Crisps from my amazon store and have them delivered right to your door. :)


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