Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gluten Free News Flash!!

Betty Crocker (General Mills) is launching 4 GLUTEN FREE baking mixes in grocery stores by June 1st!!! Hooray!!!! Can it be true? Gluten free cake mix at the regular market for AFFORDABLE prices? Yes it IS true... I called General Mills today, and they confirmed it as fact. The customer service gal that I spoke with must have thought I was crazy because I couldn't contain my glee, as my love for General Mills poured out of me like warm maple syrup on a short stack of GF pancakes. I guess my enthusiasm was contagious, because soon she was giddy too (much to her surprise). We all MUST thank General Mills so they keep the GF products coming! More importantly, we must spread the word to all of the GF people we know, and BUY their GF products. If their new GF products don't sell well, they will be discontinued. We can't let that happen! It is up to us to support their efforts through repeat purchases. Please take a moment to visit their website and send them an e-mail or give them a call (phone # is on contact us page on their web site) at to thank them. They have given us many HUGE GF gifts in the last few months. First GF Chex cereals (4 more new flavors to be released by 6/1, by the way) and now the gift of all gifts Betty Crocker Gluten Free Baking mixes!! I have daydreamed what it would be like to stock up on affordable cake mixes (like in my pre-GF days), so I could once again whip out quick desserts for any occasion. I mourned the loss of that when we had to go GF. Really, I did (with tears and everything). For some reason, cakes (both the making and the eating of them) bring me great pleasure. I just couldn't justify $7.00 for a GF cake mix that (to add insult to injury) only made 1 layer cake for Pete's sake! Get real! I have a few yummy GF cake recipes that I make from scratch, but quite frankly even though my intentions are good, I don't always have to time (or the desire) to spend 3 hours of my day to make a cake. So the bottom line is, we have been eating a lot less cake than we used to pre-Celiac. NO more my friends, no more! I' m back in the saddle again! This crazed cake lover will be cranking out cakes and cupcakes faster than you can say Betty Crocker. :)

The Betty Crocker Gluten Free mix selection will include:

--GF Devils Food Cake Mix
--GF Yellow Cake Mix
--GF Chocolate Chunk Brownie Mix
--GF Chocolate Chip Cookie mix

Happy GF baking!


  1. This is great news! Mainly because it will be available in the regular grocery store!! My grocery bill has risen substantially ever since I've been shopping GF. Along with making extra trips at different stores. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to support the stores that specialize in GF foods, like Manna Mills, but they are not cheap and with a toddler, it's not always easy to run to a bunch of different stores when grocery shopping. I look forward to purchasing A GF baking mix at the store soon! :) Thanks for this post.

  2. Hi Jen...

    You're welcome! I agree, shopping GF can be so expensive! I wish more main-stream companies would follow General Mills lead and jump on the GF band wagon! I would also like to see the regular markets expand their GF inventory. Fred Meyer is getting a little better at this.

    Cinde :)


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