Thursday, April 4, 2013

Product Review: Conscious Box

Have you heard the buzz about Conscious Box?  Here's the scoop - when you subscribe to Conscious Box you will receive a monthly delivery of sustainable, natural products.  The best news is you can choose to order a gluten free Conscious Box that contains hand selected items from eco-friendly businesses!

If you choose the gluten free subscription each month you will receive a box of deluxe gluten free samples so you can decide which products you like.  This saves a ton of money since you will be confident when you decide to try a companies full sized product.  Conscious Box carefully chooses their products, to ensure they are working with ethical companies delivering pure products. Imagine how fun it will be when you get to experience the gluten free products of up to 20 companies, delivered right to your door!

After you try your products you can earn points by submitting product reviews to Conscious Box; then you're then able to use accrued points to save money on full sized versions of your favorite Conscious Box products.  Cool, right?

I recently received a gluten free Conscious Box; my daughter and I had a great time going through each of the deluxe samples in the box.  We received a dozen items including baby products, food and beverage items, wellness products and skin care items from companies such as Zarbees, Jovial, Two Degrees, Emily, Smarty Pants and more!

In my opinion Conscious Box is an excellent way to experience a myriad of natural, eco-friendly, gluten free products with out committing to full sizes.  Give it a try!

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