Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cookbook Review: Gluten Free in Five Minutes

Here's a novel idea... being able to whip up a single slice of bread, a single English muffin or a single pancake - all gluten free and made in the microwave!  If you are scratching your head in confusion at this point I don't blame you; I did the same thing when I heard that a new cookbook entitled Gluten Free in Five Minutes offered these mind boggling possibilities (and more)!

Gluten Free in Five Minutes author Roben Ryberg believes that no one should be deprived of homemade gluten free baked goods even if they are busy or simply don't like to bake; her solution was to conjure up super simple recipes - each using only a single gluten free flour - that could be prepared and cooked in the microwave in under 5 minutes.  I like to think of Roben's recipes as "gluten free on demand."

It is no secret that the microwave and baking are not always a great combination, so my kids and I were very interested to test these recipes for ourselves.  We tried the English muffins, flat bread, pancake, blueberry muffin, hollandaise sauce and chocolate cake recipes.  Although it is impossible for baked goods to brown in the microwave all were tasty and moist!

The English muffins didn't taste like traditional English Muffins, but they had good flavor and performed beautifully as a base for our Eggs Benedict breakfast - we also used Roben's amazing recipe for speedy microwave hollandaise sauce and we were blown away at how delicious it was!

For the flat bread I thought it could use some color and texture that the microwave could not provide - the simple solution was to quickly brown it in a bit of olive oil in a hot cast iron skillet.  I topped my flat bread with Greek salad and folded it over to create a sandwich; it was absolutely delectable!

I am really happy to own Roben Ryberg's new Gluten Free in Five Minutes cookbook!  My kids and I are having a blast discovering all of the quick and fun recipes inside and plan to use it for years to come... this unique cookbook is a keeper!

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