Wednesday, June 2, 2010

CAN I SHARE SOMETHING WITH YOU?, a new online recipe community geared toward Moms with kids offered me a trade opportunity: they agreed to give me (2) $50.00 Land of Nod Gift Cards in exchange for submitting 10 healthy, kid-friendly recipes with photos.

After 2 weeks I still had not received the gift cards. When I alerted that the cards had not been received, they said they sent them, brushed my not receiving them off as a "post office error", and said that they were out of cards and would not be sending me any.

As you can imagine, it was very distressing to me to learn that after spending many hours of my time submitting recipes to in exchange for gift cards, that I will never receive them.


  1. Good to know.
    I'll be sure to avoid them. ;-)

  2. that isn't cool. thanks for the warning. i am so sorry this has happened to you.


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