Friday, November 11, 2011

Review: Zevia All Natural Soda (and a coupon opportunity!)

I was thrilled to hook up with Zevia All Natural Sodas to sample their Mountain Zevia flavor. I became an instant fan upon learning Zevia contains no artificial ingredients whatsoever and is sweetened with Stevia instead of sugar.  I normally avoid zero calorie soda because I do not care to consume artificial sweeteners; the downside of that is that when I do decide to drink a soda it is full of refined sugar (also not ideal).  With Mountain Zevia I can indulge in an all natural citrus-blend soda that is completely gluten free, guilt free and absolutely delicious!

Will I buy Mountain Zevia again?  You bet!  Also, I hope to partner with the folks at Zevia to sample additional soda flavors soon, and will let you know what I think of them in the months to come.

As of today, if you "like" Zevia on Facebook you will be able to print a $1.00 off Zevia coupon - HURRY so you don't miss out!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Katz Gluten Free COUPON CODE (today only!)

Exciting news for fans of Katz Gluten Free baked goods; they are having a one day sale! Simply place an order on the Katz Gluten Free website before midnight today using the coupon code OneTime (all one word) and save $3 off of your order! Katz Gluten Free is allowing this coupon to stack, so this is a great opportunity for savings!


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